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Greetings fellow readers, authors, and publicists!
On this page you will find:
  • My Star-Rating System
  • What I review
  • My Policies on Review Requests

My Star Rating System:

I rate these books from a Christian standpoint. This means that the ratings will be affected by the amount of mature content, violence, or what I believe is potentially harmful or disagreeable content for the Christian reader. A book will receiving a higher recommendation if there are Christian themes, good morals, and strong values with clean content.

 PERFECTION in paper form. All characters, plot, writing style, pacing, etc. was exceptional. Definitely re-read material.
 It was AMAZING! Above average read that should be on everyone's To-Be-Read list.
QUITE GOOD.  I enjoyed it and would recommend it. Very worthwhile.
I LIKED IT, but there may be some disagreeable content (violence, sensuality, etc.) or just a limited draw to keep reading.
 It was OKAY. My likes and dislikes balance each other out. As a whole, I'm hesitant to recommend it or it just didn't keep my interest.
QUESTIONABLE. This book may have some redeeming qualities, but the disagreeable content is too high for me to consider recommending it.
NOT MY TYPE. My overall impression was negative. High levels of disagreeable content.

NOT RECOMMENDED. Based off my personal standards, morals, and preferences, I consider this book inappropriate and wish I hadn't read it.

DID NOT FINISH and I'll tell you why.

I often include ratings in subcategories inside each post. Not all posts include all subcategories, but the list of the subcategories I use is as follows:
  • Initial Reaction
  • Characters
  • Plot
  • Spiritual Content/Focus
  • Writing
  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Overall Recommendation

What I review:

I only review Young Adult and Middle Grade Speculative Fiction (fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, steampunk, fairy tales, etc.) On a rare occasion, I will include a YA book that is not spec-fic.

I do not review audiobooks.

I will not review books by authors I know personally or by clients who's books I have edited. Any reviews on here of books by authors I know were posted prior to my knowing them. I do, however, accept interview requests from author friends. On occasion, I make a few exceptions regarding book reviews using my own discretion.

My Policies on Review Requests:

Most of the books I read and review come from author/publisher request, my personal bookshelf, or the library. I am not a professional reviewer and I do not post "critical analysis' type reviews. All reviews are my honest opinion of the books I read, which is strongly affected by my faith in Jesus Christ.

This being said, I cannot guarantee a positive review. My review is an honest assessment of the book, which is in no way affected by how or where I got the book. 

This is not a job -- I do not get paid, nor would I accept payment for my reviews. I do this on my own free time because I love to read and write in this genre and I love talking about books. :-)

What I Accept:

I accept ARCs (both print and e-book, though I prefer the print version), e-books, and finished copies. All submissions and requests must be in the speculative fiction genre. Spec-fic includes (but is not limited to):
  • Dystopian
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Cyberpunk
  • Steampunk
  • Alternate history/reality
  • Fairytales
  • Time travel
I do not often review hard or militaristic science fiction. As speculative fiction goes, sci-fi is my least preferred subgenre and I don't often enjoy them. My favorites are fantasy and dystopian.

While I do accept adult speculative fiction, I ask that it have very limited mature content and sensuality.

If you have a specific date by which you would like the review to be posted, please let me know in your request. Otherwise, I will post it as I have time (which often takes up to several months.)


To submit a review request, please e-mail me at and include the following information:
  • Book genre
  • Approximate Book length (word count and page count accepted)
  • A brief description of the book
  • Date you need the review by (if applicable)
You should hear back from me within one week of your request. I will inform you whether or not I will be able to take it. 

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