Oct 10, 2010



What a perfect word--it makes me imagine myself covered in thick, green slime. Quite symbolic of my life right now (the slime being homework, classes, responsibilities, and the pressure of procrastination).

My swampiness does not look to be lightening up any time soon. And so, my newest review of the book Dragonspell will not show its face until this coming weekend.

I've attempted to throw a non-fantasy book on top of my reading pile, which currently consists of Dragonspell, a book on Neurogenics, another textbook on Articulation and Phonological Disorders, and a book on Fluency....all of which I'm actually reading. So why throw on another?

For sanity's sake.

Unfortunately, time has suddenly taken a mind of its own and swept my pleasure reading into the closet. I suppose this is a good thing--perhaps I will pass my upcoming exam because of it. But my sanity will be the worse for wear.

In conclusion, swamps are usually unpleasant, unless you decide to play swamp soccer (a sport I recently discovered and have not played yet, though it is now on my growing list of "things to do in life". They even had the World Championships in Edinburgh, Scotland next June).

This picture fills my heart with adventurous, tom-boy joy.I hope it does the same to you.

Swamp soccer picture retrieved from http://www.hilariousheadlines.com/talk/swamp-soccer.html on 10/10/10

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  1. Haha! Swamped! Same..I haven't be able to pick up a book that's not a school book in FOREVER..There is one on the bottom of the pile, somewhere between the biology textbooks and the teaching snow sports manuals. Ugh :P Haha but your swamp soccer picture made my day!