Feb 21, 2011

A Dull Eye

Ah yes, those long stretches of silence. They usually crop up during exams or the busyness of every-day life. Why? Because all I want to do at those times is blog and read, yet all I'm allowed to do (thanks to my own list of priorities and God's diligent voice) is homework and sleep (if I have time).

All this to say:
I've neglected my lovely blog (surprise, surprise), but rest assured that a book review (*cough* Golden Compass *cough*) is in the making, hoping for release sometime this week. Keep a sharp eye out (or a dull one...I don't mind).

Nadine Brandes is an adventurer, fusing authentic faith with bold imagination. She writes stories about brave living, finding purpose, and other worlds soaked in imagination. Her debut dystopian novel, A Time to Die, releases 2014 from Marcher Lord Press. When Nadine's not taste-testing a new chai or editing fantasy novels, she is out pursuing adventures. She currently lives in Idaho with her husband. You can find out more about Nadine and her books at http://nadinebrandes.com.

1 comment:

  1. Looking forward too it! And it's okay to stick to your priorities. The Lord desires for you to be diligent in the work He has given you, in your studies. Don't just be "allowing" yourself to do them, rejoice in those opportunities to learn and in doing so learn more about your God and who He is! What a true blessing it is to learn!
    In the meantime, I am certain your regular readers will be exercising their patience and waiting excitedly for your return.

    Thank you for blessing each of us with your fabulous reviews.
    May the Lord bless you and keep you.